Ohio TCC

Ohio Tree Climbing Championship

Saturday, March 24, Goodale Park
120 W Goodale St, Columbus OH 43215
Goodale Park Directions



Contestants will compete in five preliminary events to qualify as one of the top contestants to earn the right to advance to the championship round – the Masters’ Challenge.  The preliminary events include Ascent, Belayed Speed Climb, Aerial Rescue, Work Climb and Throwline.  The top in-state contestants who have accumulated the highest combined point totals for the five preliminary events advance to the Masters’ Challenge.  Unless otherwise dictated by ISA, the Masters’ Challenge will be set up in an “accumulative” format; that is, points earned during the preliminary events by the top contestants are carried forward into the Masters’ Challenge.  Out-of-state climbers may participate in all preliminary events and are eligible to place in these events.  Only in-state climbers can advance to the Masters’ Challenge.  

The first place winners for both the men’s and women’s divisions will each receive an ArborMaster® Climbing Prize Package and represent the Ohio Chapter at the 2018 ITCC.  To represent the Ohio Chapter at the ITCC, the first place winners must have completed three (3) of the five (5) preliminary events within the maximum allotted time and advanced to the championship round.


Friday, March 23

4:00 pm  Mandatory Volunteer/Judges' Meeting 
5:00 pm  Mandatory Climbers Meeting 
5:30 pm  Competitor, Judge & Tech Walk Through
6:00 pm  Gear Check 

Saturday, March 24

7:30 am  Competition Begins 
1:30 pm  Master's Challenge 
3:30 pm  Awards Ceremony 


Hampton Inn - Walking distance to Park
Hyatt Place - 5 minute drive to Park
Varsity Inn - 5 minute drive to Park
                                                                                                                                   Climber Registration SOLD OUT

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